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Safety Wall Between Archery and the Main Range

The Safety Wall between Archery and the Main Range has been replaced and both ranges are fully functional again. Thanks to all the workers who came out on Wednesday 7/10 to complete the effort. Special thanks to Roger Hager and Wally Marshall for all the effort up front allowing this job to be completed.

Range Construction

Completion of the Silhouette Roofing Project

The steel roof on the Silhouette Range is complete. We had 12 workers who worked a LONG 11 hour work day on Saturday 7/13 to complete the job. Thanks to all these dedicated workers.

The turnout for the last two workdays has been very poor! If this trend continues, the club will have to re-evaluate how we approach large projects in the future. Maybe we will have to pay to have them done and end up doing a lot less work for the club. Maybe we increase the cost to members of not performing work hours? Is that what the membership wants? Please reconsider your support and plan on helping us out more in the future. We are a club of over 1100 members and a small group of 10-12 people on workdays does not make for a successful club.

Range Construction Directors