Founded in 1925, our club is affiliated with the NRA, and supports a varety of shooting sports and marksmanship activities for our members from the Southern WI/Northern IL stateline area.


The following are the rules and policies of the Beloit Rifle Club as revised for 2021.
Download a BRC Rules 2021 “pdf”copy.

A. As a member of the Beloit Rifle Club, you must wear your membership badge at all times when you are on the property. One of your duties as a Beloit Rifle Club member is to ensure that anyone on the property is a Member or a Guest/Shooting Guest of a Member. If you see someone without a badge, ask to see his or her membership card, and remind him or her of this rule. Violations should be recorded on a Red Violation Card located in the main clubhouse near the Guest Fee Box and reported to the Chief Range Officer (name and number are on your membership card).
New Members
1. The Beloit Rifle Club may, but is not required to, accept as a Beloit Rifle Club Member any individual interested in the Shooting Sports, so long as the individual has properly and truthfully completed and filed a membership application, agreed to abide by the Beloit Rifle Club Rules and Regulations, pays the fee(s) prescribed for Membership, and meets the required qualifications. The Beloit Rifle Club is dedicated to the highest degree of professionalism, sportsmanship and safety in all shooting sports. For that reason the Beloit Rifle Club may reject the application of an otherwise qualified applicant in the interest of Shooting Safety of the Beloit Rifle Club. Among other things, participation or involvement by a member or applicant in conduct detrimental to Our Second Amendment Rights, or the well being of the Beloit Rifle Club may result in rejection of membership by the Beloit Rifle Club. The membership committee must approve all new membership applications.
2. It is required that an applicant have two (2) sponsors. Any member with at least two (2) years of active membership can sponsor one (1) applicant per calendar year, provided the current sponsor has not been called before the Board for any infraction during their probationary period. If this happens, the sponsors will lose the right to sponsor a new member for 18 months from the date of the conviction of the above-mentioned infraction. Sponsors are required to attend any Board disciplinary actions involving the applicant.
3. All Beloit Rifle Club Members and new Applicants must be Members of the National Rifle Association. Newly accepted members will be sworn in at the March general club meeting. The first years Dues and Initiation Fee must also be paid at this time.
4. Any member with at least two (2) years of active membership can sponsor their Spouse, Children or Grandchildren before their 19th birthday or if the child is in the Military or school, up until their 23rd birthday, without paying the initiation fee.
5. All new members will be required to participate in one of the “New Member Orientation Sessions” offered by BRC during the first year of membership or the year before joining the Club. If you fail to complete this requirement, you will not be allowed to renew your membership in the Beloit Rifle Club.
C. Beloit Rifle Club annual dues are to be paid at the Annual renewal day, usually the first Sunday, or second Sunday, in February. If your dues are not paid by the April general club meeting, your Club membership will be terminated. If at a later date you wish to rejoin the Club, you will be treated as a new Applicant, and subject to the conditions outlined in paragraph #2 above.
1. The amount of the annual dues is subject to change based on operating cost of the Club during the preceding year. Any increase must have board approval.
D. Membership cards, keys and badges must not be loaned!! Members are not allowed to transfer work hours. Each member must work his or her own hours.
E. Members Guests: The Member is responsible for their Guest and their safety. The Guest is to pay the current Guest Fee per visit, return Shooting Guest badge and sign out.
1. Upon entering the premises and before any facility usage, members with guests are required to enter their Guests’ name, date, time and intended range use on the clipboard located in the main clubhouse entrance, near the Guest Fee box
2. Any applicable Guest Fees must be paid before using any range. Fill out a Guest envelope, enclose the Fee and deposit it in the Guest Fee box, located at the Clubhouse entrance.
3. All guests, when shooting, must wear a Guest Badge and be under direct supervision of a club member.
4. The only Non-paying Guests allowed are a Members immediate family. Immediate family is defined as a Member, spouse, children, stepchildren or grandchildren to the age of 18, or a full-time student or first tour of duty in the military to the age of 23.
5. Time schedule for the Guest Fee: A Guest Fee is required for each Guest, per visit, except from September 15th until the last day of the Wisconsin deer hunting gun season. During that time period the Guest Fee will be the same as the per firearm fee charged during Sight-In Days. The only exception being a Club scheduled shooting event and noted as such on the registration form.
F. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on Club property at any time. The Board, with prior approval, may allow alcohol for a special occasion. During such times, NO FIREARMS ARE ALLOWED ON ANY RANGE. The Range officer, or their designee, will control such functions.
G. All Club equipment must be returned to its proper storage place. Any member borrowing or removing property from the premises must have prior approval.
H. During the year, there will be competitive shooting matches for all Club Members. For information, contact individual Club range officers or
I. Keep all gates closed while using range facilities except for sanctioned league events or special events approved by the Board. Secure all range buildings and close all gates upon leaving.
J. There is to be no shooting at any animal or bird on the Club grounds.
K. Membership in the Beloit Rifle Club does not allow for a member to use the club for profit either individually or as a member of another group, unless specifically approved by the Beloit Rifle Club Board of Directors. Each specific event must be approved.
L. Violation of any club rule by a member or their guest should be recorded on a Red Violation Card located in the main clubhouse entrance near the Guest Fee box and reported to the Chief Range Officer (name and number on membership card). Disciplinary action will be taken by the Board of Directors against anyone that violates the rules. Disciplinary action can include, but is not limited to, a monetary fine, restitution for any damage and suspended or revoked membership.
M. All Beloit Rifle Club Members, including Officers, and Guests expressly agree that determinations by the Board of Directors and/or Club Officers, as to the applicability and interpretation of the Beloit Rifle Club rules are non-litigable, and they covenant that they will not initiate or maintain litigation of any kind against the Beloit Rifle Club or anyone acting on behalf of the Beloit Rifle Club, to reverse or modify such determinations or to recover damages or to seek any other kind of relief as a result of such determinations, if a Member, or a Members’ Guest, or Officers agrees to reimburse the Beloit Rifle Club for the cost of such litigation including attorneys’ fees, each Member, or a Members Guest, or Officers further covenants that in any litigation brought against the Beloit Rifle Club for any reason, if the litigation is not dismissed pursuant to the covenant, the matter will be tried before a Judge of competent jurisdiction and hereby waives any right to trial by jury in such action.
? ? Remember, we have a fantastic facility and it is everyone’s responsibility to protect it for the future. PLEASE BE SAFETY CONSCIOUS!

The following range rules apply to all range facilities including Silhouette, Black Powder, Trap, Indoor Pistol, 200-300-500 m range and the general shooting facilities. Special rules for each individual range will be covered under Section III.
B. Confine all shooting directly into designated backstops.
C. Use of armor piercing, tracers, 50 Cal BMG, or incendiary ammunition is
PROHIBITED. No Magnetic/steel core ammunition is to be shot at steel targets.
D. Full automatic firing, or simulated full automatic firing, is strictly PROHIBITED. Each
shot fired down range, must be an aimed (sighted) shot.
E. No person shall advance in front of a firing line until a “cease fire” has been secured all along the firing line and all firearms racked with actions cleared, warning light and buzzer turned on. Firearms – “WILL NOT” – be handled until “COMMENCE FIRING” is given. Warning lights are on Main, Outdoor Pistol, Plinking Range and 500 meter ranges only. Handguns will be benched, unloaded and with a visible empty chamber indicator (ECI) in the gun or closed and boxed.
F. Extreme care and caution must be exercised at all times. If in doubt, DO NOT SHOOT!!!
G. The following are times that there will be NO firing of firearms on the range facilities (No time restriction present on the indoor range.):
1. After 10:00 P.M. or before 7:00 A.M. unless Board approval has been given.
2. During a general Club meeting.
3. During Work Days while work on the range is in progress unless approval is obtained from the chief of the work crew. “Work” is defined as any work for which hour credits are being given, and “Range” refers to any range on club premises. This includes “Sight-In Days”.
4. On general workdays, which includes work activities on complete range facilities.
H. After shooting, clean up target area and the firing line of all spent cartridges, used targets and secure the range.
I. Shooting Glasses, Earmuffs and/or hearing protection are always required in the shooting areas. Please return them when finished.
J. NO SMOKING in the indoor range.
K. Firing stops at once on “CEASE FIRE!” command by any person.
L. Dry firing or aiming of firearms is NOT PERMITTED behind firing line. M. All loaded firearms are to be pointed down range at all times
N. Any special Club event such as: (but not limited to): 1. Monday night trap,
2. Tuesday night pistol and silhouette,
3. Wednesday morning league,
4. Thursday night silhouette, will have control of the adjacent ranges.
O. All Firearms actions must be open or chamber indicated, unless holstered, sheathed, cased, or boxed until pointed down range on the firing line. When closing actions, all muzzles must be pointed down range at the backstop.
P. The use of profane and/or abusive language will not be tolerated on club grounds at any time.
Q. No exploding targets are to be used on any range. Our Insurance Carrier defines these “exploding” targets, as “any device of a combination of explosives and combustibles, set off to generate colored lights, smoke or noise”.
R. No loaded firearm is to be pointed above the backstop of the range being shot on.
S. No drawing a loaded firearm from your holster and shooting in one continuous
motion. No walking, running, or changing firing points with a loaded firearm.
These rules apply to the individual ranges and are in addition to rules covered in Section II.
A. Black Powder Range
1. Firearms allowed on this range are:
a. Muzzleloaders
b. Inline Muzzle Loaders – shot on paper targets only, no steel (metal) targets
c. .22RimFire(Rifles)–short,longandlongriflecartridgesonly
d. Black Powder Cartridge guns – old style, no modern firearms, with the
following actions only:
(a) Falling and Rolling blocks, Break and Lever Actions and Trap Doors.
(b) BCP bullets must be cast lead bullets only and have a velocity that does not exceed 1250 feet per second.
(c) No factory ammunition allowed.
2. No smoking or open flames at loading benches or firing line.
3. No open powder containers, except during loading.
4. Dry firing at the firing line only, muzzle pointed down range or at the ground.
5. Muzzle loading firearms will be loaded at the loading bench.
6. Loading directly from powder horn, flask, or any powder container is
7. Capping and priming to be done at the firing line only, muzzle pointed down range,
8. All guns must be carried muzzle up between the loading bench and firing line.
9. Only black powder or black powder substitutes approved by the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association can be used.
10. Lead mini- or maxi-balls, black powder shot shells, or lead black powder cartridge bullets only. Only round balls may be used on metal targets except for the black powder cartridge silhouettes where black powder bullets may be used.
11. There will be NO blowing down the barrel of any firearm.
12. All Flintlock firearms must be loaded with the frizzen up and hammer down
13. Swabbing between Shots – Swabbing between shots with a damp patch to eliminate the possibility of glowing embers igniting the next powder charge is strongly recommended.
14. All false muzzles must be attached to the loading or shooting bench by a cord or similar device so that the firearm may not be placed in a firing position without first removing the false muzzle from the barrel. If loading from horn and pouch, the cord may be attached to the competitor’s belt.
15. No loaded firearm shall be taken from the firing line.
16. Ignition must be one of the following:
a. Flint stone or substitute, excluding metal, striking frizzen;
b. Old type percussion cap that fits on the nipple;
c. Primers maybe used in all slug guns and in-lineactions;
d. Frizzens must be faced with steel soles only; and
e. Shotguncaps.
B. Silhouette Range
1. No .22 magnum guns allowed.
2. Only .22 cal rim fire rifles and/or pistols allowed.
3. Only .22 cal rim fire standard or high velocity ammo allowed – NO HYPER VELOCITY!!!
C. Trap Range
1. Two persons must be in attendance when the manual trap is being used.
2. Only properly trained Club Members may load and operate the automatic thrower.
3. No shells longer than 23?4 inch standard (except 410 gauge), and shot larger than 71?2 is PROHIBITED.
4. When shooting clay trap targets from hand trap, throw targets in the trap field only.
5. No shooting from the top of the trap house.
6. Leave the thrower in an unlocked position when leaving.
7. There are to be no slugs fired on the trap range.
D. Pistol Range
1. All revolver or pistol competition held by the Club will be governed by the rules and regulations of the National Rifle Association of America
2. All Basic Range Rules from section II will apply.
3. This is a handgun range ONLY. Shooting distances are 25 yards and 50 yards ONLY. There is to be no shooting in front of the benches.
E. 500 Meter Range (200-300-500 Meters, firing points 13-18)
1. This range has three (3) possible firing positions:
a. Standing–ontheupperlevel,
b. Prone, Kneeling, or Sitting – in front of the benches and c. Sitting–atthebenches
2. At this time, no handguns will be allowed on the six (6) firing positions at 200- 300-500 meters, only rifles and bolt-action pistols.
3. The range will be shut down by a “CEASE FIRE” command and made safe (“COLD”) at the 45-minute mark before the hour to post, remove or change targets.
4. When the range is cold, a “CEASE FIRE” will be called and all firearms will be in a rifle rack or cased and off the firing line. There will be no handling of firearms when the line is cold.
5. A sign must be properly displayed to indicate the condition of the range.
a. “Cold”–meansitissafetogodownrange.
b. “Hot” – meaning the range is active. You are not allowed to go forward of the firing line. See section II – Basic Range Rules.
c. Warninglightson200-300-500-meterrangearetobeusedastheyareonthe
other ranges that are so equipped.
6. Before shooting beyond 100 yards, a shooter must verify that their bullets will impact inside the 200-300-500-meter bullet trap. Consulting a trajectory chart and checking the bullet impact on a target at 100 yards can accomplish this. IF IN DOUBT…DON’T SHOOT!!
7. The 200-300-500-meter portion of this range is a certified MEMBERS ONLY range. Red badges must be worn. The only exceptions being for Board approved, scheduled events. Event rules take precedent.
8. Rim Fire Benchrest (BR-50)/CMP/High Power disciplines have control of the entire firing line during their matches. All lanes will be closed to non-participants at that time.
F. Indoor Range
1. Hearing and eye protection required at all times.
2. No Magnum caliber handguns, center fire rifles or shotguns.
3. Ammunition: Examples are on the chart in the Indoor Range door or check with the Pistol Director (see your membership card).
4. No one allowed beyond firing line when range is in use unless command is given to “Cease fire”, clear and bench firearms, and the line is proven safe.
5. All firing must be done from the 50-foot firing line. If a shorter target distance is used follow Rule # 6.
6. When shooting in the indoor range, the shooter must be able to see the bullet backstop below the bottom of the target they are shooting at, so any bullet passing through the lowest part of the target will still enter the backstop and not ricochet off the floor. Making proper height adjustments for the height of the shooter is the responsibility of the shooter.
7. Secure range after completion: turn off lights, exhaust fans and heat control.
9. Any misfired round, still-live ammunition should be put in the red “DUD” box in the center of the firing line.
10.“Cross Lane Shooting” is PROHIBITED.
11. When shooting in the indoor range, shooters must not hang targets in areas that have “YELLOW X’s” in them. Refer to the chart at every shooting station.
12. The indoor range is a precision shooting range. There will be no firing of a firearm directly from the holster. Firearms are to be loaded on the bench, pointed down range and fired from that position.
G. Patterning Range
1. Shooters are to use shot only, NO SLUGS.
2. Trap and Silhouette control this range and must be consulted (when present) for target placement.
H. Archery Range
1. Bows only. No rifles, pistols, etc.
2. Confine all shooting directly into the bales or broad head pits.

3. No broad heads to be shot into bales or 3D targets. Field tips only.
4. Shooters only – on elevated stand, No children allowed on elevated stand unless shooting a bow and under adult supervision. Secure gate upon leaving stand.
5. No shooting will be allowed while persons are down range to retrieve arrows or reset targets.
6. Crossbows must be unloaded when moving up or down the elevated stand.
7. A $1.00 fee is required from all shooters using 3D targets. Fee to be used to replace the vital area inserts.
Plinking Range
1. Shooting is allowed at Club provided targets only!
2. .22 rim fire firearms and pellet rifles/pistols only. NO CENTER FIRE OR .22
Defense Range
1. All basic range rules apply.
2. Hearing and Eye protection is required.
3. Center fire rifle calibers are prohibited.
4. Pistol caliber carbines and shotguns are allowed. See ‘Standard Operating Procedures’ for use and limitations.
5. Do not move steel targets! Defense range directors will move them periodically throughout the year.
6. When positioning the portable targets frames, be sure that rounds fired will impact the backstop and not the ground in front of the backstop.
7. Shoot only at Beloit Rifle Club supplied steel targets or your personal paper targets.
8. Club members who have completed the qualification process, may draw and fire from a holster in a stationary position on the Defense Range. See ‘Standard Operating Procedures’ posted at the range for more detail.
K. Rules for Cowboy Action Shooting
1. Eye protection required.
2. No jacketed bullets.
3. At SASS sanctioned events, all SASS rules apply 4. Do not move metal targets.
5. Cowboy holster draw at cowboy range only. Pre-certification required.
L. Rules for Multiple Gun Shooting – At this time no “Multiple Gun” range exists. Therefore, practice shooting is not permitted. Only organized, and Board approved matches, are permitted.
M. Youth Air Rifle
1. Must be between 8 and 18
2. Must have a current parent consent form on file. 3. Must be able to pass a shooting safety test.
4. Must be able to follow directions.
5. All safety rules are to be strictly enforced.
A. Spotting scopes can be obtained from the range officer. Name and phone number on your membership card.
B. Board approval must be obtained for use of the Club facilities for special occasions.
C. There is to be no Club property removed from the premises without prior approval.
D. Check with the Chief Range officer for other information on the use of the range.
E. First aid kit located in the club house and on in the target shack on the General Range.
A. Any violations of the above Rules or Policies by any Member or their Guest will require the Member to appear before the Board, which may result in disciplinary action. Disciplinary action can include but is not limited to a monetary fine; restitution for damage suspended or revoked membership. The person reporting the violation must be present at the time the violation is being reviewed by the Board.
1. Violations not involving a firearm such as not signing in guests, etc., two points maximum per incident.
2. Unsafe action involving an Unloaded firearm. Three points per incident.
3. Unsafe Action involving a loaded firearm, six points per incident.
4. Intentional unsafe action with a loaded firearm or intentional damage to Club Property will incur LOSS OF MEMBERSHIP!!
5. Point System: Point system will be from February 1st through January 31st of each calendar year. The Chief Range Officer (CRO) or (his/her) designee will maintain a record of all violations and attached incident reports. The CRO will inform the executive board when action is due.
a. 6(six)points=one-monthsuspensionofclubmembershipfromdatebadge and key is turned in,
b. 8 (eight) points = two-month suspension of club membership from date badge and key is turned in and reissue of green badge after suspension’
c. 12(twelve)points=lossofclubmembership.
A. Since Concealed/Open Carry has now become law in Wisconsin, club members who are residents of Wisconsin (or any Wisconsin Carry-Approved State), have the appropriate license, can lawfully carry a firearm in a concealed manner.
B. That being said, a policy for carrying on club promises needs to be addressed. All carried firearms are to be holstered at all times. If they are to be used for shooting practice, they are to be treated as any other firearm on a firing range – the muzzle pointed down range and handled in a safe manner!
C. With a shoulder type holster, special care must be taken to keep the muzzle pointed down range, especially when removing or returning handgun to the holster. If the firearm is out of the holster and not on the firing line, it must have the slide back, magazine out, and/or cylinder open and empty.
D. The Beloit Rifle Club believes in an individual’s “Right To Carry” and also believes that all members have “A Responsibility” to carry “Safely”. It is also the responsibility of all club members to insure that this policy is followed.
A. Your Club officers and the Rules committee have tried to set forth these Rules and Policies with Safety in the shooting and handling of firearms as their primary goal. If you do not understand the Beloit Rifle Club Rules and Policies, feel free to contact any Board Member, or bring your questions and/or concerns before any General Meeting for explanation. The above rules and policies are subject to change by Board approval only. If any changes occur, Club members will be notified.
Remember – Safety First – Safety Always!!!