Founded in 1925, our club is affiliated with the NRA, and supports a varety of shooting sports and marksmanship activities for our members from the Southern WI/Northern IL stateline area.

Concealed Carry Policy

Beloit Rifle Club Concealed /Open Carry Policy

Since Concealed/Open Carry has now become law in Wisconsin, club members who are residents of Wisconsin (or any Wisconsin carry-approved state), have the appropriate license, can lawfully carry a firearm in a concealed manner. That being said, a policy for carrying on club premises needs to be addressed:

All carried firearms are to be holstered at all times. If they are to be used for shooting practice, they are to be treated as any other firearm, on a firing line with the muzzle pointed down range and handled in a safe manner. With a shoulder type holster, special care must be taken to keep the muzzle pointed down range, especially when removing and returning handgun to the holster

If the firearm is out of the holster and not on a firing line it must have the slide back, magazine out, and/or cylinder open and empty.

The Beloit Rifle Club believes in an individual’s “Right To Carry” and also believes that all club members have “Responsibility” to “Carry” Safely. It is also the RESPONSIBILITY of ALL club members to ensure that this policy is followed.