Founded in 1925, our club is affiliated with the NRA, and supports a varety of shooting sports and marksmanship activities for our members from the Southern WI/Northern IL stateline area.

Main Range

The main range offers a multitude of shooting distances, concrete backstops, no blue sky baffles and safety measures to keep all shooters same. Utilized by many different disciplines and by shootings using a multitide of different firearms, the main range is a cornerstone of the Beloit Rifle Club. Please see range rules for range use guidlines. The main range features:

  • 100 yard range
  • Backstops and target backers at 25, 50, and 100 yards
  • Concrete backstops with no blue sky baffles
  • Visible and Audible cease fire warning
  • Shooter control PA system
  • Concrete shooting benches with adjustable seats for both right and left handed shooters
  • Covered shooting positions