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2021 NRA Day Program – Youth Sports Fest

More information and registration information here

In an increasingly urbanized world, young people are getting fewer chances to experience some of the shooting and outdoor activities we take for granted. Shooting gives young people the opportunity to participate in an exciting and challenging sport that may be enjoyed throughout their entire lifetime.
Shooting teaches responsibility and self-discipline while developing concentration skills and building self-esteem.
Because shooting does not place emphasis on strength, endurance, speed, or gender; boys and girls of various sizes, ages, and physical abilities can participate together on a relatively equal basis.
The NRA Day Program – Youth Sports Fest was developed to introduce young people to our American history and heritage, and to the rewarding, lifelong sport of shooting! This program acquaints young people with a variety of shooting and outdoor activities in a festival-like event! It is a recreational, non-competitive event designed to offer youths a hands-on introduction to shooting by Nationally Certified Instructors and is a welcome opportunity for youths who might not otherwise get an opportunity to experience America’s outdoor traditions.

Black Power Lodge Moon Light Delight Shoot

Moon Light Delight Chunk Gun Shoot

Saturday May 15, 2021
Black Powder Range

Registration Opens at 1:00PM
Range Opens for Practice at 2:00PM
Matches start at 3:00PM


Cost: $17.00

Club Members Please sign up! Work hours available.

Contact Harley Whitt (608) 921-1542 or Charlie Brown (608) 290-2978

Guest Admission Fee Increase


The Board of Directors has increased the  Guest Admission Fee to $10.00 per guest effective immediately.  

For a member’s adult children, adult grandchildren and their significant others the guest admission fee remains $5.00 per guest.  

The only non-paying guest(s) allowed are a member’s immediate family.  Immediate family is defined as a member’s spouse, children, stepchildren or grandchildren to the age of 18, or a full time student or first tour of duty in the military to the age of 23. 

Philhower Road Construction

This is the weekly update for the construction on Philhower Road between USH 51 and CTH G (Week of May 3rd, 2021).

  • Current construction activities:
    • PMI pulverized the existing roadway asphalt
    • Rock Road finished installing all culverts
    • Schultz placed curb & gutter at Bartells intersection with Philhower
    • Rock Road began grading the roadway
  • Upcoming construction activities:
    • Rock Road will continue to grade the roadway and ditches (5/10 – 5/11)
    • Highway Landscapers will restore ditches with seed, mulch and erosion mat (5/10 – 5/11)
    • Rock Road will pave asphalt on Philhower Road and Bartells Drive (5/12 – 5/14)