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BRC Archery League

For archery league starting July 9 – Sept 11 of Friday night and Saturday morning. 

Get warmed up for archery season with BRC 3D target archery league!
Friday 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm or Saturday 9:00 am – 11:00 am from July 9 – Sept 11

Cost if paid ahead of time for the season is $5.00 a week / $50.00 for the season or $10.00 per week if paid at sign up.  Limit of 20 per day so pick which day would work for you and sign up early. If you are unable to make you chosen day you can attend the opposite. 

Any questions or to pay for the season email
Kyle SchliemBRC Vice President 608-921-6520
Ben RemerArchery director

The CMP As-Issue Military Rifle Match

Beloit Rifle Club
April 24, 2021
May 29, 2021 Clinic and Match
June 20, 2021
August 21, 2021
September 12, 2021
October 23, 2021 Clinic and Match
November 6, 2021
Registration 7am – 8am

Contact: Greg Davis 815 762 2041

Relays: Limited to 10 competitors, additional relays as needed.

Location: Beloit Rifle Club 851 E. Philhower Rd. Beloit, WI 53511
Match Held in the Back Range Look for yellow CMP sign on the road.

Course of Fire: All Matches 50 Rounds on a SR-1 at 100 yards, 20 Rounds slow Fire Prone, 10
Rounds rapid Fire Prone, 10 Rounds rapid Fire Sitting, 10 Rounds slow Fire Standing

Entry Fee: Member: $10.00, Non-Members $15.00, Youth $5.00

Who May Enter: Any American Citizen who can legally own a firearm. Affidavits may
be printed from, Must be
notarized, to obtain CMP Awards. A Notary may be available at match.

Equipment: Any as-issued service rifle list in the CMP Game Rules.
Rifles are available to use. Must purchases club ammunition. Please contact to
reserve a rifle prior to the match. First come first serve.

Rules: CMP Games Rifle And Pistol Competition Rules 8th Edition-2020&2021
available at website for review or download.

March 2021 Silhouette Update

Our annual winter “FROSTY IRON CHALLENGE” was held on Saturday, January 23, 2021. The
weather was sunny, cool, and breezy for the day. We had a small turnout, only six people
participated. Larry Abbott was the Matcher Winner in Standard (Heavy) Class, hitting 20 out of
40 animals. Craig Stevens was the Match Winner in Hunter (Light) Class, hitting 22 out of 40
animals. Congratulations to Larry and Craig. I want to say thank you to everyone that
participated and those that came out to help.
The 2021 winter indoor .22 rifle and pistol Silhouette shooting season will be ending soon. We
shoot paper silhouette targets every Monday evening, on the indoor range, from 5:00 to 6:30
pm or so. Participation was down a bit again this year. The indoor season ends on Monday,
April 26th.
The 2021 weekly outdoor Silhouette target-shooting season will start on Thursday, May 6th.
We will shoot a 40 round practice match every Thursday night at approximately 5:15. In
addition, our 80 round monthly NRA sanctioned matches scheduled on Saturdays again this
year. The dates for these tournaments are May 22, June 26, July 24, Aug 21 [State
Championship], and Sept 18. All members are encouraged to participate. Also, members can
get in about six easy work hours if you come out and help for the day.
We have a beautiful, first class, high quality Silhouette shooting range. Come out this summer
and enjoy it with us. Again, all members are encouraged to join in the fun.
If you have any questions, call Steve Schmalz at 608-362-7172 for more details.

Have a safe 2021!
Steve Schmalz 608-362-7172
Silhouette Director

BRC Hunters Archery League Introduction

BRC members,
We are reaching out to see if there is interest in having an archery league at the Beloit Rifle Club. This would be developed for the end of summer/fall 2021. As an introduction we will be hosting a meet on the archery range Sunday September 27. It is recommended to have 4 target tip arrows with your bow to compete. There will be no cost for this event. If You have questions, comments, are interested in the event or interested in participating in leagues but can’t make it to the intro please email 

BRC Hunters Archery League Introduction

One Round will consist  of two Archers shooting two Arrows from a station at the target for that station. ( Example –  Target # 1 is shot from Station #1 ) Shooters will alternate between each shot. Everyone will wait behind the shooting line until all archers are finished shooting and the Range Cold signal is given. 

Each target will indicate the score.( See example below ) Scores must be recorded by an opposing archer and arrows will be pulled after all have been scored. All arrows must be stuck in the target to score except for arrows that pass through the target.  Score for pass throughs are determined by the group. If an arrow is on a line it is scored with the higher score. 

  • Rules:
  • All standard long bows, recurve bows and compound bows  that are considered Hunting Bows are acceptable on the range. No Crossbows.
  • Releases are allowed.
  • Family members under 16 must be accompanied by an adult member.
  • Always draw the bow pointed toward the target, with or without arrows.
  • Avoid physical contact with an archer in the shooting position.
  • Do not shoot arrows up into the air.
  • Do not use damaged equipment.
  • Never use arrows that are too short for your draw length. Do not use cracked arrows.
  • Wait behind the shooting line until all archers are finished shooting and the Range Cold signal is given.
  • Never handle another archer’s equipment without permission.
  • No broached or expandable arrows.
  • No broadheads.
  • Do not cross the shooting line to retrieve arrows until everyone is done shooting.
  • Arrows can only be noched when the Range is HOT and from within the Shooting Station

Range Layout

  • Shooting Stations will be even with the Shooting line. 
  • Targets will be at 10 yd, 20yd, 30yd, and 40yd.
  • All Archers must shoot from behind the Shooting and and from within the Shooting Stations.