Founded in 1925, our club is affiliated with the NRA, and supports a varety of shooting sports and marksmanship activities for our members from the Southern WI/Northern IL stateline area.

Beloit Rifle Club Updates

Hey Everyone! I have some updates for you.

  1. Since Rock County voted to ‘re-open’ per phase one, we are going back to ‘normal’. Guest are allowed again and please sign in guests and pay the guest admission of $5.00.
  2. Indoor range/clubhouse will be back open on Saturday! The crew refinishing the floor will be finishing up on Friday and it will need time to dry, so Saturday it is. (If you bring a guest before Saturday, please plan on signing in out back since you won’t be able to get into clubhouse)
  3. We all know what the ‘guidelines’ are and we are adults, so you are still encourage to follow them and take care of yourself. If you are sick, stay home. Wear a mask if needed for you. If you choose to spray/clean things down, that is up to you.
  4. Matches are to resume how the director sees fit. Contact your discipline director for details if need be. If your group eats lunch, please plan on bringing a bag lunch.
  5. New Member Orientation will proceed on June 14.

Any questions, please let me know so we can address it.
I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend. I pray that you take the time to Honor those who have given their all for our freedoms. With what is happening in our lives at this time, it truly hits home how our freedoms can so easily be under attack and that their sacrifices shouldn’t be in vain or taken for granted.

God Bless,
Julie Wagoner, President.