Founded in 1925, our club is affiliated with the NRA, and supports a varety of shooting sports and marksmanship activities for our members from the Southern WI/Northern IL stateline area.

New Indoor Range Proposal

Beloit Rifle Club Members,

As most of you know the Long Range Planning Committee has been talking about building a new indoor range for several years. Estimated costs vs what we have in savings was always the primary reason for not moving forward. We have recently come across a way and a plan that if we all work together, we could have the building and indoor range built next year (2022) and functioning in 2023.

We would like to remind you that this is for the club as a whole. In the 2018 survey, the indoor range was the 2nd most used range on the property. With the new indoor range we could see it being the most utilized range on the property. A new indoor range was also a very high priority for members in this survey.

The Long Range Planning Committee includes Kyle Schliem, Rob Lowery, Charlie Brown, Chuck Sauber, Norm Larsen, Lee Thompson, John Kittleson, Wayne Mitchell, Dave Fatino, Carl Lange and Julie Wagoner.

Our reasons for a new range / building:

  • The next generation and the future of the shooting sports in the club.
  • National match distance of 75 feet.
  • Up to code ventilation system & lead dust collection system.
  • Upgraded back stop:
    • Easier lead collection and removal.
    • AR500 plate
    • Higher calibers/velocities used.
    • No splatter back with Action Target bullet trap.
    • Any distance can be shot at with this back stop design.
  • Shoot higher calibers:
    • Rifles
    • Magnums
    • Pistol caliber carbines
  • More Lanes:
    • Two story range would always provide lanes to members when discipline shoot is in use.
    • Two story has smaller footprint so cheaper construction cost per square foot.
  • Turn current range into:
    • Larger meeting space.
    • Air Rifle
    • Indoor archery
  • Future office space and gun safe room.

We were recently made aware of a used Action Target indoor range components for 20 lanes for sale at a price that is too good to not look further into and how to make it happen. We have been meeting for the last month gathering as much information as we possibly can and problem solving.

Advertisement for range reads as follows: “Action Target 20 lane indoor shooting range. This is a total containment trap which lets you recycle all the lead. It includes everything you see on the photos, traps, stalls, target retrievers, baffles, two 40 ton air condition units and even 20 thousand dollars in Bullet proof glass for the viewing area. It’s a matter of coming to pick it up and installing it somewhere else and you are operating an indoor range. Range is rated for 50 Cal sustain fire. Range has been uninstalled and put in a warehouse ready to ship to a new range owner. I paid 1.2 million for this equipment, selling it for pennies on the dollar. Asking 400k.” His post did show a requesting price of $360,000. when we viewed it and it has been for sale for 1 year. We feel this gives us some negotiation room.


  • Cost savings.
  • It matches exactly what we really wanted to build from the very beginning.


  • Shipping from Brownsville TX
    • Looking a possible 4 to 5 semi-truck loads
    • Between $3,500.00 to $4,000.00 each load
  • Storage
    • Ventilation units could be stored outside at the club
    • Purchase more of the shipping containers to store material in on current club grounds would be the most economical way to proceed to store until installed. 
  • Install
    • We received original blue prints and packing list of all material from Action Targets.
    • Need to find an installer.
  • Ventilation System (two 40 ton units)
    • Could be retrofitted?
    • Does not have heat.
    • Not designed by Action Targets (we feel this is a good thing)
    • Will work with some local companies on this.
  • Trip to inspect before offer made:
    • Trip to Texas has been approved for inspection of material and to meet with a HVAC guy to inspect the two units.
  • Offer: Figure out an offer once it has been inspected. Hold a special meeting once we have a report.

Cost break downs for current quotes and older quotes for comparison:

For 2 story shell: (20 lanes)$1,100,000.00 (average cost)
Need Electrical and Plumbing$150,000.00 (estimate)
Reference costs from previously proposed 2 story range.
For 1 story shell: (10 lanes)
– With design allowing us the ability to grow up with 2nd story down the road.
Estimated cost for 2 story down the road$550,000.00 & 790,000.00
Reference costs if only a single story range was build. Built with the expectation to add a second story later.
Action Target guts if we buy used(20 lanes)
Install, shipping, storage 50 cal rated
$400,000.00 : $20,000.00 per lane
Estimated costs of the used Action Target Range being considered.
Action Target if we buy new (16 lanes)
Install, shipping 50 cal rated
$715,000.00 ( no ventilation ) $44,690. Per lane
(20 lanes would be $893,800.00)
Reference Costs for a new Action Target Range
D5 Ranges (16 lanes ) .308 rated
Does not include shipping
$925,000.00 : $57,813 per lane
(20 lanes would be $1,155,260.00)
Reference Costs for the D5 Range in Marengo
Spire Ranges (12 lanes)$540,000.00 (no ventilation) $45,000 per lane
(20 lanes would be $900,000.00)
Reference costs of a Spire Range

Building quotes from: CCI, JP Cullen, Mike Eggleston & Gilbanks

We have been advised to have plans drawn for the range for quoting to be done in February for the year. We also have received from Action Targets the Install Set Range Plans and an inventory list of everything purchased for this range from them. If purchased it will simplify the design immensely and we have what is required for a ventilation system from OSHA. We are in talks with a HVAC company about how to modify the used units for the northern climate vs southern and we have reached out to a Constitutional attorney in Loves Park who is pro-1st and 2nd Amendment who has his Wisconsin license also and can help us write up a contract and facilitate the deal.

If all goes according to plan we could purchase this used range this year, build the two story building with 20 lanes next year and start installing the range components and mechanical systems. In 2023 we could then open the new range for use and start transforming the current range space for a meeting room and air rifle range.

The financial plan breaks down as shown below:

1 to 2 year plan

Current cash in MM$1,050,620.00
Cash to be kept in savings$-200,000.00
Current available$850,620.00
Budgeted expense for Action$-400,000.00
Balance moving forward$450,620.00
$200,000. into savings 2022$200,000.00
$500. pledge or more per member$541,500.00
$200,000. into savings 2023$200,000.00
**based off 1083 members= $1,392,120.00

If we do a fundraising drive to raise $541,500.00 by March / April next year we can build this range. Broken down per member that is an additional $500.00, or $42.00 a month. We know that not all our members are able to do this which is why we are wanting to do a donation/pledge fund so that nothing is mandatory. We won’t need to raise dues or implement special assessments at this time if we can all participate as much as possible. Those that can give more than the $500 would obviously be greatly appreciated. We can also raise money in other ways with raffles and other fund raising events. If we start this fundraising as soon as we get the green light on the indoor range components, we believe we will meet this goal.

Again, the goal of this range is provide an indoor range that is always open and available to membership while a discipline is shooting. State of the art range and back stop. Updated ventilation system. The additional space from our current range for Youth Air rifle and meeting space.

With all this being said, we really need to find out if membership would like to see this range happen and try to get an idea of what membership is willing to donate. We are asking for you to fill out the following questions to help determine and gage how we need to proceed. This is not a commitment at this time.

** Please note that if we cannot raise the funds, the timeline will be pushed back until we can proceed. No loans will be taken out to fund this and everything donated will be put into an account specifically for this project.
Donations are not tax deductible.
We are also looking into ways to recognize members that donate.