Founded in 1925, our club is affiliated with the NRA, and supports a varety of shooting sports and marksmanship activities for our members from the Southern WI/Northern IL stateline area.

Member Survey – Indoor Range

BRC Members, 

The long range planning committee has been working with three contractors to find the best projected cost for the new indoor range as we can.  We have received the bids back based off the architect drawings.  The total estimated cost- everything complete and turn key is 2.2 million.  At this time we have just over $700,000.00 in our building fund.  There is also $200,000.00 in an emergency fund that is not to be touched for the building or basic needs and just under $30,000.00 in our checking and savings account that goes towards the running of the club until due renew in February.   Remember that we have already purchased the used Action Target indoor range system and have it stored on club grounds.   The goal is to start the build in April / May of 2023.

So far the Naming and Recognition Opportunities fundraiser and fundraising events have raised $53,331.33.  Raffles have raised $12,660.91.  

We would like to confirm with you all that there are no further plans to raise dues, guest admission or work hours further.  

There are ways we could cut the cost down some but it depends on membership involvement.  Like us removing the trees and stumps, keeping excess fill onsite,  painting, waiting to finish out the classroom and office spaces.  But that depends on our physical involvement and doesn’t 100% change what we need to plan for if we can’t make those things happen.  

Another part of the discussion we have to have is funding beyond what we can raise.  We do not want to take out a loan but reality is we need to be looking at it and discussing it.  What is the amount we would be comfortable taking out that will not hurt the club as a whole while continuing to grow and  maintain.  As an example, a $500,000.00 loan would be easily feasible but a $1.5 million dollar loan isn’t.   So what is that magic number if need be.  BUT that number ultimately depends on what we can raise and membership donations.  We really need an understanding of what membership is willing to contribute.  Please remember that if for some reason beyond our control that this project can not happen, your donation into the Naming Rights and Recognition Fundraiser is being kept track of and will be returned to you.  

At this point in the game we really need to hear from you all.  Please help us by answering the following survey questions and let us know so that we can finalize our plan moving forward.  Survey will remain anonymous.