Founded in 1925, our club is affiliated with the NRA, and supports a varety of shooting sports and marksmanship activities for our members from the Southern WI/Northern IL stateline area.

2024 NRA Youth Sport Fest Registration

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Youth Sports Fest

May 11th, 2024
Dear Parent/Guardian of NRA Day Program Youth Sports Fest Participant,

At bottom of this page you will find a pre-registration form for each youth participating in the event. Please fill in ALL information and submit these ASAP!

Submitting them right away prevents a late start on the morning of the event and allows us time to make a nametag and a frame-ready “Certification of Participation” for each youth. Certification of Participation will be awarded at the conclusion of the event.

A friendly reminder:
NO YOUTH WILL PARTICIPATE UNTIL WE HAVE A COMPLETED RELEASE FORM ON FILE. DO NOT BRING ANY FIREARMS OR AMMUNITION OF ANY TYPE. Please bring signed release with you on day of event. Release will be emailed to you upon registration.

If the youth has his/her own hearing or eye protection that fits them properly, you are welcome to bring them.
The “MODEL’S RELEASE” at the bottom of the form is due to the demand for pictures from our event. The Beloit Rifle Club holds the rights usage and will not give them out unless we feel it is to the benefit of the Organization.

SATURDAY, May 11th, 2024 is the day of the event.
Registration begins at 8:00 AM, the program starts at 9:00 AM and concludes at 4:00 PM.
Participants must be present by 9:00 AM and attend both the safety and program orientations to participate in the event!
Certification of Participation will be awarded at the conclusion of the event.

Thank you and see you at the NRA Day Program Youth Sports Fest!
Robby Personette, Event Coordinator

NRA Youth Day Registration – 2024

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